Frequently asked questions

Do you take on individual clients?

Our primary business is to provide speech and language provision to schools. However, when our therapists have space in their time-tables they take on some individual clients.


What does your school provision look like?

We take pride in working in partnership with schools to provide them with a sustainable service which consists of: 

Specialist Level: assessment, diagnosis and therapy (where required) for the children on the school roll, including training staff to deliver or carryover interventions;

Targeted Level: Training and mentoring school staff in delivery of interventions they can provide themselves to children with milder speech, language and communication needs (SLCN);

Universal Level: training staff and implementation of initiatives that support everyone’s communication in the school.

To achieve all of this requires a good level of buy-in from our school partners. Most of the schools we work with buy in one day per week over the course of an academic year. We typically do not consider more limited ‘buy-ins’ unless the school can provide us with assurances that the therapies we recommend get delivered by the school staff.


When you do take on individual clients, what is included in an individual session price?

Our session prices include travel to and from your home, preparation of materials and assessments to ensure the session runs smoothly, delivery of the session and all follow up clinical administration resulting from the session. You are also entitled to one clarification phone call (up to 30 minutes) or 2 emails between sessions with any questions you have. Although our session charges may seem expensive when you first see them, we will never surprise you with any hidden charges.


Where does therapy take place for individual clients?

Currently we do not have a clinic space. Therapy for individual clients is conducted at the client’s home, their most important communication environment.


What does assessment and therapy look like?

Assessment and therapy takes many forms, and it is difficult to tell you exactly what that will look like until we meet you and/ or your child. What works for one family may not work for another.
The form of assessment and therapy also depends on the severity of a communication disorder, the type of communication disorder and the goals of the client and family.


Why is your tribunal or medico-legal assessment cost on a case-by-case basis?

Assessments required for tribunals or medico-legal cases require a legal level of reporting. The assessment itself may not be any more in-depth than our standard assessment. The report generated however will be much longer and much more detailed and it will have to be defended in court.

We cannot provide you with an exact cost for this, but we will discuss with you beforehand what the approximate cost of the assessment and report will be.

Attendance at court will be charged at an hourly rate.


How do I pay?

Schools: are charged each month at the beginning of the month; invoices are due at the end of the same month the invoice was generated.

  • Failure to pay our invoices after one reminder notice will result in a suspension of the school’s service until the outstanding invoice is settled.

Individual clients: are charged on a session-by-session basis or, where a block of therapy is purchased at a discounted rate, at the beginning of the block. Invoices have a 14-day grace period.

  • Failure to pay an individual invoice will result in a cancellation of further visits and we reserve the right not to resume services.


How do I refer someone?

Schools: we will provide you with all the information you need to refer children to our service once you have signed their contract.

You must still provide a referral form for each child you wish to refer to us as our referral forms include all the legal parental consents that are required for us to support the children on your roll. Developmental information provided by the parents on our Parent Questionnaire ensures we have a basic background knowledge of a child’s development.

No exceptions will ever be made to our referral process as this is a legal requirement.

Individual clients: contact us for an initial discussion about your/ your child’s needs. If we decide we can help you and you feel we’re a good fit for you, then we’ll send you our referral form. We’ll discuss you/ your child’s developmental background when we meet you for initial assessment.


How do you protect the privacy of my data and how long do you keep it for?

Please see the links on our website which open our privacy and data collection policies.

Do you have any questions?

Let us know and we'll get back to you within 24h.