Everybody Talks promotes the use of targeted level (tier 2) interventions within schools and nursery settings to support children with milder language delays.

Our qualified speech and language therapists can train setting staff in how to run targeted level interventions. Settings can then be confident in supporting a greater number of children.

Targeted level interventions are not designed to replace specialist speech and language therapy delivered by qualified speech and language therapists. These programmes offer schools and nurseries an evidence-based approach for supporting the children on their roll with milder language and attention needs.

For some children this may be all they need. Others will still require the specialist input of a qualified speech and language therapist.

BLAST Programme

BLAST is an exciting intervention, nationally recognised in delivering good practice in developing speech, language and communication in the Early Years.

Both BLAST 1 and BLAST 2 are highly structured interventions, which are ideally delivered across a whole nursery or reception class. Each can also be adapted easily to support children with higher levels of identified need.


Aims to support the development of early auditory discrimination, attention and language skills in nursery aged children. The skills developed in the programme support further. stronger language development.


Moves on to support phonological awareness skills (the underlying skills required for phonics) and vocabulary development in reception aged children. These skills combined are the main ingredients required for strong literacy development.

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Everybody Talks – HOLLA

HOLLA (Holistic, Oral Language, Listening and Attention) is Everybody Talks’ own targeted level intervention, developed through our years of experience running specialist attention and language group sessions.

HOLLA has a more explicit focus on developing children’s underlying attention skills. It incorporates best practice teaching approaches, such as the utilisation of movement breaks between table-top activities and further focuses in on underlying core strength skills which often underpin ‘attention’ skills.

  • HOLLA, being holistic by nature, includes activities designed to improve core strength as well as language and attention.
  • The focus is always on learning through fun and incorporating different learning styles throughout each session.

We’ve delivered HOLLA in our partner schools to children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old with notable improvements observed through the varied and fun activities included in the programme.


Vocabulary Training

Vocabulary development is key to understanding and communicating effectively and efficiently.

We strive to keep up with best-practice vocabulary teaching strategies and encourage our school partners to implement these across their settings. Our speech and language therapists can offer informal training and support to implement these strategies in classrooms and across schools.

We recommend a number of published targeted level vocabulary interventions to support children’s vocabulary development and word finding skills in Key Stage 1-3. Additionally, we have taken the time to differentiate these programmes to make them more accessible to children who would not otherwise be able to access them in their published form.

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