I have private medical insurance. Will this cover Speech and Language Therapy Sessions?


Private Medical Insurers may cover some of the costs of assessment and therapy sessions. They may not cover ALL the costs of Initial Assessment sessions. They may set a limit on the number of ongoing therapy sessions they cover.

It is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider what they will cover before you agree to engage us for assessment and therapy.

We will always provide you with the schedule of our costs when you first make an enquiry with us. This means you can make an informed decision.

There is a large amount of associated work that goes with assessment (e.g. report writing. making contact with education providers etc). Our fees reflect the volume of work.  We believe we have a duty to you to deliver a high standard of assessment and advice; there is no way to cut corners to bring in a lower assessment cost than we already charge.

When claiming your assessment and therapy through your insurer, it is your responsibility to pay our invoices to us. You should then claim your costs back directly from your insurance provider.

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